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Istituti Callegari

Istituti Callegari is a renowned Italian brand specialised in training the most sought-after professional figures in the fashion and interior design industries. Our theoretical and practical job-oriented courses combine the strength of our experience with the value of continuous updating. They provide each student a thorough training which will allow them to build up a professional career in the field of their interest.

Over 70 years experience in the field

Istituti Callegari were founded in 1937 and since then have always been involved in professional training and specialisation in the fields of fashion and design. In 2007, they became part of the biggest European group in the education sector, the Cepu Group.

Every year, thousands of students decide to acquire or update their vocational skills at our facilities; the Istituti Callegari have already trained more than two hundred thousand people.

1948 Scuola di taglio nel 1953 Premio dell'ascesa 1976